The promise of the future is an awesome promise

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For every promise there is a price

Ooduans can see the future Oduduwa nation. They are prepared to plan, to dream, to put in the long hours and the discipline to create a home for Ooduans. Ooduans are prepared to put themselves through the pace of doing the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. They are prepared to attack the challenges because they know if you want success challenges are part of the journey.  That overcoming difficulties is exhilarating, it feeds the mind, it makes us more than we were before as it strengthens the mental muscle and enables Ooduans to become better prepared for the work of nation building.

The process of getting an Oodua nation is not that hard. Thinking about it is the difficult part, anticipating all the efforts, the changes and the discipline is far worse in the mind than in reality.

Be assured that the challenges Ooduans face on this journey to independence are far less than the misery, pain and slavery of staying in Nigeria.

Preparing for the future today.

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